The Debian Foreman repo

The Debian Foreman repo

The distros have changed!

You will find them at:

deb <codename> <component>

Currently we have

deb jessie stable
deb stretch stable
deb trusty stable
deb xenial stable
deb jessie <version>
deb stretch <version>
deb trusty <version>
deb xenial <version>
deb jessie nightly
deb stretch nightly
deb trusty nightly
deb xenial nightly

deb plugins stable
deb plugins <version>
deb plugins nightly

This repo is also available over rsync at rsync://

You can find the installation instructions here, but we recommend using our Installer

If you have any issues, you can find the mailing list on Google Groups or on IRC (Freenode, #theforeman)

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